If you’d like additional information not presented here, contact the ONA team anytime by emailing support@journalists.org.

What are the registration rates?

You can find detailed registration rates for in-person and virtual participation on our registration page. The page also covers information about how registration supports ONA, group discounts and other details.

How is newsroom size determined so that I know which rate to sign up for?

Choose your size category based on the total number of your organization’s full-time or equivalent employees who work on producing news, even indirectly, including ad sales reps, technical staff and/or a business development department. You can find more information on our registration page.

Do you offer any assistance with registration costs?

Yes! We are excited to be able to offer a variety of registration scholarships and volunteer opportunities, both of which allow you to register for ONA23 at no cost. Visit our opportunities page to learn more about these and other options.

Does my registration include a ticket to the Online Journalism Awards Banquet and Ceremony?

Attending the OJA banquet requires a separate ticket. You can purchase a ticket at the same time as registration. If you don’t purchase your ticket at the same time as your registration, you can purchase a ticket at any time. See our registration page for details.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes, our registration platform allows you to do this directly. Please check your confirmation email.

How do I RSVP to sessions that require that?

To RSVP to sessions with limited capacity, find your personal registration account link in your confirmation email to log in, then click the “Select Courses and Events” button to add programs to your registration.

To make sure you get future emails about your ONA23 pass and other conference updates, add registration@journalists.org and newsletter@journalists.org to your contacts.

How does ONA handle attendee information?

Information gathered from attendees during registration helps us see trends and patterns, as well as plan programming, networking activities and events. ONA does not sell attendee contact information and we work to keep your contact information secure. Read more about how we handle guest information.

Attendee List Scam Notice: We’ve been notified that some attendees have received emails from companies claiming to have access to ONA conference attendee lists. We do not sell or rent our attendee list, and we do not have a relationship with any of these companies. We encourage anyone who receives any outreach about attendee lists to not click on any links or respond.

Will ONA help me with my visa application to travel to ONA23?

If you require a U.S. visa to attend ONA23, you may request a confirmation of registration document only after you have completed registration for the conference and paid the conference registration fee, if applicable.

Email your request to registration@journalists.org and include your complete name, mailing address and any other details your country of residence requires for your visa application. ONA is not able to contact or intervene with any embassy or consulate office abroad on your behalf.

If your visa application is not approved or you are otherwise unable to attend ONA23, your registration and/or OJA banquet ticket purchase will be refunded in full and you will not incur an administrative fee. Request a registration refund or transfer.

Does ONA give complimentary registration to media covering the event?

Since ONA is an event for journalists, we do not offer press passes. There are several opportunities to get involved with ONA23 and receive complimentary registration, including through fellowships, scholarships , and volunteering. See all ONA23 opportunities and subscribe to the ONA23 newsletter for updates.

Who is ONA23 for? What topics will the conference cover?

As the premier gathering of highly engaged digital journalists who are shaping the future of media, ONA’s annual conference is a global journalism festival offering interactive panels, workshops and networking events with some of the most innovative minds in digital news media, including audience and analytics professionals, news product, strategy and business executives and entrepreneurs.

Our participants range from experienced veterans at international news outlets to representatives from major tech companies to leaders of local news startups to those just getting started in their media careers.

Topics the conference will focus on include:

  • Audience development and metrics
  • Emerging technology
  • Innovative news storytelling
  • Leadership and culture
  • Revenue or content strategy, including products

When will programming be announced?

Programming is in development and an initial schedule is planned for release in May. Additional sessions will be added through mid-July.

What’s the difference between the in-person and virtual experience?

ONA23: Philadelphia will take place August 23-26. It will have that familiar ONA energy as we work to build connections between attendees new and seasoned. We will livestream keynotes and sponsored sessions, but the primary focus will be on delivering the best possible in-person experience. A pass for ONA23: Philadelphia will also be valid for ONA23: Onward.

ONA23: Onward is a new, virtual event Sept. 28-29 focused on relaxing and listening to timely conversations affecting newsrooms everywhere. By making this a separate event, we can focus on better quality production and engagement with you. Passes for this event are included for those joining us at ONA23:Philadelphia, or can be purchased separately.

ONA23: Philadelphia attendees will have access to:

  • Four days of face-to-face networking with the ONA community.
  • Access to all sessions and the opportunity to attend select RSVP-required workshops in-person.
  • Access to our Midway (exhibit area) and career events to connect with sponsor, support and recruiters.
  • Access to all digital reference materials and resources.
  • Keynotes and sponsored sessions will be streamed live, and publicly available as an archive.
  • PLUS everything listed below for ONA23: Onward.

ONA23: Onward attendees will have access to:

  • Livestreams of five sessions each day of ONA23: Onward (10 sessions total). Following a plenary keynote on the first day, there are two concurrent streams of sessions for attendees, with up to two different sessions to choose from each hour. Attendees can hop from any session to the other happening concurrently.
  • Access to audio and video archives of the event after the conference ends for 90 days.
  • Web-based chatting, note-taking and networking with other ONA23: Onward attendees participating virtually from around the world.
  • Access to all digital reference materials and resources.
  • Direct connections with sponsors, supporters and recruiters.

How will ONA choose which sessions are livestreamed or recorded?

ONA23 Philadelphia: keynotes and sponsored sessions will be streamed live, and publicly available as an archive.

ONA23 Onward: all sessions will be recorded and available as an archive after the event for 90 days after the event.

Please know that any unanticipated technical difficulties may make it impossible for us to stream or create audio archives.

What bandwidth / hardware needs will ONA23: Onward require?

We recommend a laptop or desktop with the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox and a strong wireless or hard-wired internet connection for the best possible experience, including the ability to stream video. Your experience will likely be okay on a mobile device or tablet as the event platform is browser-based, but it may be difficult to navigate to certain features like the chat, so we encourage you to join on a laptop or desktop.

Will I be on screen for ONA23 online? Should I be concerned about privacy, how I look or what I’m wearing?

You will be off-screen while viewing sessions or chatting by text.

What should I wear at ONA23: Philadelphia?

Beyond common sense attire for a professional, hotel setting in Philadelphia, there’s no set dress code. Most attendees dress business casual, including jeans in many cases. Comfortable shoes are a must for walking through the large hotel space.

Please note that Philadelphia likely will be very hot outdoors in August, and you’ll want to dress in light-weight clothes. Hotels try to keep conference rooms cool for presenters, but temperatures can fluctuate based on heating/cooling cycles and capacity. You may want to consider an extra layer for indoor activities in case it’s cool.

The Welcome Reception for all participants will be held inside the hotel.

People tend to dress up more for the Online Journalism Awards Banquet and Ceremony. We’ve noticed guests tend to change into attire we’d call “business sharp” in honor of the prestigious evening, though this is not a requirement from ONA. It is not a black tie or otherwise formal event.

What wifi is available in the conference areas?

Wifi access is included with your conference registration. You will receive a password when you check in at the registration desk. Attendees are often trying to connect with multiple devices, so like any conference, we do experience latency / outages from time to time that we work quickly to resolve.

What wifi is available in my hotel room?

The host hotel offers complimentary wifi to guests staying at ONA’s discounted rate. If you book at our special rate before sellout, you’ll have wifi included in your room free of charge.

What is this third-party email about discounted hotel room rates?

Exhibitor/Attendee Housing Scam Notice: At past events, we’ve been notified that several exhibitors and conference attendees have received calls and/or emails from companies claiming to be an agent of, or associated with, ONA and offering discounted room rates. We do not have a relationship with any of these companies. All bookings should be made directly with our host hotel. Read more on this issue.

ONA23: Philadelphia Health and Safety COVID information

Our safety protocols are informed by COVID-19 guidance from the Philadelphia visitors bureau and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

If Philadelphia’s risk level changes, we will communicate this with registered ONA23 attendees and update this page with a date indicating when the change was made.


Vaccinations and booster shots

  • We encourage all attendees to have completed their vaccination series (final dose + at least two weeks’ time).
  • We also encourage attendees to get up-to-date booster shots. Global availability and requirements for booster shots varies. We ask that you follow your local recommendations on getting booster shots before attending ONA23. For those residing in the U.S., here is the current CDC guidance on booster shots.


  • We strongly encourage a self-test within 48 hours of your first day at ONA23. Some people receive a positive test result before showing symptoms, so tests are a critical way of helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • We will have a small number of tests available onsite at the registration desk; you must take the test in a private setting, such as your hotel room.
  • For all participants: If you receive a positive self-test or PCR test, OR have been in close contact with someone with COVID-19 within five days of the event, do not attend ONA23. We can convert your ticket to a virtual ticket for ONA23: Onward in September and refund the difference, or we can refund you in full.

Reporting positive cases

  • If you test positive at any time during or immediately after attending ONA23, we request that attendees do the following:
    • Voluntarily let us know by emailing safety@journalists.org – this email is forwarded to Chief Knowledge Officer Trevor Knoblich and Director of Programs Meghan Murphy. We will keep your personal details private. Knowing when there are positive cases helps us both track volume of spread and determine communications needs.
    • Voluntarily report your case to local public health departments. This helps officials track total caseload.
  • Voluntarily let anyone you were in close contact know, so that they may begin monitoring themselves.

Will I need to sign a COVID-19 waiver?

  • During registration, participants will agree to the COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgement and Liability Waiver:

By registering to attend and by attending ONA23 as an in-person attendee, you are doing so voluntarily and agree to assume all risk associated with attending this event, including potential exposure to COVID-19, as permitted by applicable law. You also agree to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, orders and guidance, as well as ONA’s and the venue’s rules and regulations, pertaining to COVID-19 health and safety.

Future updates

We will continue to update this page as needed as we better understand what additional requirements or procedures will be in place for those participating in ONA23 in person.

If you have any questions, feedback or concerns, contact support@journalists.org.