Livestream Sessions at ONA23

Live from Philadelphia

Following ONA23: Philadelphia from home (or taking a break on site)?

We will stream Featured Sessions and Sponsored Sessions to ONA’s YouTube channel throughout the week. Below is a quick reference guide for all streaming sessions. All times are in EDT (UTC-4).

If you enjoy virtual experiences, stay tuned for more on ONA23: Onward, Sept. 28-29, which is designed from the ground up as a virtual-only event.

Wednesday, Aug. 23 10a–12p Transform Your Storytelling and Workflows: The Comprehensive Guide to Canva for Newsroom Teams
2:30–4:30p Beyond Words: Mastering Data Storytelling for Impactful Reporting
Thursday, Aug. 24 9:30–11a Opening Remarks and Featured Session: The Promise and Peril of Artificial Intelligence
11:30a–12:30p Every Voice, Every Vote: Lessons On Collaborative Elections Coverage From Philadelphia
From Statehouse to Newsroom: The Role Public Policy Can Play in Rebuilding Local News
1–2p YouTube News Shorts Workshop
2:30–3:30p From Streaming to Space to South Philly: What Can News Leaders Learn From Leaders in Other Fields?
4–5p The Transformative Impact of BIPOC Media Collaborations: How to Build True Power and Sustainability for Black and Brown Communities
Friday, Aug. 25 11:30a–12:30p How to Think Like a Change Agent: Building Your Skills to Spur Innovation with a Journalism Fellowship
Real Talk About The Status Of DEI In Journalism
12:30-1 p In Conversation: Nikole Hannah-Jones
2:30–3:30p In a Post-Platform Media World, Destinations Matter Most
Powering Trusted News with AI: Navigating the Present and Shaping the Future
4–5p New Tools for Journalists
Saturday, Aug. 26 10–11a The Humans Who Power(ed) Your Algorithm: The Untold Story of Big Tech’s Curation, Content, & Editorial Teams
11:30a–12:30p Recognizing Inequities in Artificial Intelligence with Meredith Broussard
State of Affairs: The Impact of State-Level Investigative Journalism
1–2p Do’s and Don’t’s When Working with Whistleblowers in the Digital Age
2:30p–3:30p ChatGPT, Seriously: Real, (Mostly) Non-Cringey Uses That Make Journalism Better