ONA23 Onward FAQ

How do I get to sessions or events?

Once you’re registered, you’ll be able to log into your ONA23 account, view the schedule page, then click on a specific session to join. For easy reference, you will also receive a registration confirmation email with detailed instructions and additional info about how to navigate the conference.

Will sessions be available for on-demand viewing?

Sessions will be available for 90 days on demand after the event ends.

Will the video archives be available to the public?

Videos and any resources for ONA23: Onward, such as presenter slides, will only be available to people who have registered and have an account on the ONA23 site. Please note all featured sessions and keynotes from ONA23: Philadelphia are freely available on ONA’s YouTube page.

What bandwidth / hardware needs will ONA23 require?

Generally, we recommend a laptop or desktop with the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox for the best possible ONA23 experience, plus the enough bandwidth to stream video. You can view sessions on mobile devices as well, but participating in the chat might be difficult. To the extent possible, we worked to provide browser-based experiences.

Will I be on screen? Should I be concerned about privacy, how I look or what I’m wearing?

You will not be on screen, but chat will be enabled for sessions, with your name. Registrants and partners can all contact one another through our app platform, but you will have the ability to opt out.

How does ONA handle attendee information?

ONA does not sell attendee information and we work to keep your contact information secure. Read more about how we handle guest information.

Does ONA offer press presses to journalists covering the conference?

Since the ONA annual conference is an event for journalists, we do not offer press passes. We encourage all who want to attend to explore opportunities for complimentary registration.

What is the refund or transfer policy?

We understand plans can change. If you are unable to attend the conference, we’ll do our best to support you. Please read this policy in full, then complete the form to request a refund or transfer. You can find our refund policy here.