Countering Trauma for Everyone in the Newsroom

Producers and editors working in social media, multimedia and audience roles are exposed to trauma in unique, generally unacknowledged ways. Join this essential conversation to learn how to build newsroom-wide resilience and sustainability to protect vulnerable staff.

This session is designed for:


  • Audience team members and managers will learn the unique ways in which their jobs are vulnerable to trauma and how to counter it.
  • Journalists who encounter traumatic stories and imagery in a repeated manner will learn warning signs as well as coping skills.
  • This session will be useful to anyone who has encountered trauma-related stress on the job – or who works with someone who does – and wants to better understand how to help themselves and each other.


Anne Godlasky
President, National Press Foundation
@annieisiVisit Website

Felecia Wellington Radel
Senior Editor, USA Today

Gretchen Schmelzer
Author, Journey Through Trauma,
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