The Center Will Not Hold: Why and How Decentralization Will Lead Us Forward (Midway Programming)

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In this panel, representatives from Factland, JournoDAO and Consensys will talk about the difference between centralization and decentralization in the online media landscape. What do the futures of collaborative reporting, cooperative structures and community journalism look like?

Come prepared with your questions about amorphous, nascent concepts like the decentralized web and blockchain and how they can help restore trust in an age of civic disengagement and accelerating AI adoption.

This session is part of ONA23's curated Midway Programming.

This session is designed for:

  • Anyone looking to learn more about radical new approaches to news gathering and publishing.


Eric Mack
Co-Founder, JournoDAO

Crystal Street

Keith Axline
Co-Founder, JournoDAO

Spencer Cavanaugh