Leading With Confidence When You’re Not The Subject Matter Expert

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It can be challenging to take the lead in unfamiliar areas. This best practices conversation will provide a pathway for emerging leaders, especially from underrepresented groups, to lead with confidence.

This session is designed for:

  • Anyone leading a project or anyone in a new role and their work includes tackling something outside their core area of expertise. In this panel, we’ll discuss practical tips and strategies so that you can confidently lead when you are not a subject matter expert.
  • You have a formal or informal leadership role and you need to build trust with people who are subject matter experts in an area you don’t know well.
  • You belong to communities that are underrepresented in leadership roles and navigating projects like this are particularly challenging for you.


Emma Carew Grovum
Founder, Kimbap Media

Tony Elkins


Jahna Berry