Anita Li

  • Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
  • The Green Line

Anita Li is a longtime journalist, news entrepreneur, media consultant and educator. Currently, she runs The Green Line, a hyperlocal Toronto-based news outlet.

Anita has two decades of experience as a multi-platform journalist in three markets: Toronto, New York City and Ottawa. She started her career as a reporter and editor at Canadian legacy outlets, including The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and CBC. After that, she worked in management roles at American digital media publications, such as Complex, Fusion and Mashable. As a reporter, she’s been published in New York Magazine, Poynter and other publications across North America.

Anita teaches journalism innovation, entrepreneurship and engagement at Toronto Metropolitan University, Centennial College and the City University of New York.

As an expert in community-driven journalism, audience engagement, journalism entrepreneurship, media business models, newsroom diversity, media ethics and journalism innovation, she’s consulted journalism outlets and institutions worldwide.

Anita is a current board member for ONA and LION Publishers, as well as an alum of the 2016 Poynter-NABJ Leadership Academy for Diversity in Digital Media. She also co-founded Canadian Journalists of Colour in 2018, and founded The Other Wave, a journalism innovation newsletter, in 2020.