Anna Jay

  • Head of Audience Development
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation

Anna Jay is Head of Audience Development at the Thomson Reuters Foundation, where she oversees teams working on audience development, social media, digital marketing, and production.

Anna has more than 15 years' experience in digital media, focusing on how to best serve and engage with online audiences. More recently she's been working with colleagues working in journalism-adjacent roles to apply audience-centric practices more broadly. She spends a lot of time deep in the guts of analytics programs, acting as a proxy spokesperson for audiences, and bridging the gap between editorial and product development teams.

Anna has worked with global and niche publications, launched a popular daily newsletter product that grew to hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and conceived of a project that won €300k in funding from Google’s Digital News Innovation fund. She was part of ONA's Women’s Leadership Accelerator in 2020, and has been an invited speaker on audience engagement and innovation.