Feli Carrique

Feli is an Argentinian journalist and product thinker working at the intersection of media, technology, and sustainability. She is currently the Executive Director of the News Product Alliance, a community of support and practice for news product thinkers to elevate the discipline of news product management and expand the diversity of news product thinkers in decision-making roles.

In her previous role as the Innovation Director at SembraMedia, she worked with news organizations across Latin America, Spain, and the United States to promote innovation. She led product design and systems development for the organization. She was also the lead analyst on the recent “Inflection Point International” report published by SembraMedia, which analyzed the innovations, challenges, and threats facing news entrepreneurs across Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Feli is an alumn of the Executive Program in Leadership and Innovation from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism and an ICFJ Professional Fellow. She is also a Professor at Universidad Católica Argentina, where she co-created the first news product class in Latin America, and she has led workshops about news product management and journalism business models for several media-support organizations.