Joanna Geary

  • Sr. Director, Curation
  • Twitter (Former)

Joanna led the global Curation team at Twitter, which was responsible for editorial curation, content intelligence and uplifting credible information on the platform. The team assisted product teams with the expertise needed to solve content and context problems across the platform. This was achieved through a variety of means from "human-in-the-loop" ML, semantic annotation and manual product intervention.

In Joanna's time leading the team, she transformed it from focused on one product (Moments), to serving and positively impacting almost every product surface on Twitter. She also created the team's standards unit, which developed best-in-class frameworks to monitor and maintain accuracy and transparency, launched high-profile partnerships and unique research-backed approaches to tackling misinformation

Before the team was disbanded, Curation provided services to over 20 markets in 9 languages. The 150-person team was located in 9 countries across 11 time zones. The team's focus was on plans to increase the pace of delivering ML-assisted projects.