Kojin Tashiro

  • Lead Producer
  • LWC Studios

Kojin Tashiro (he/him) is the lead producer and sound designer at LWC Studios, where he is responsible for the music, scores, and overall quality of over a dozen client and original shows. Trained as a musician, sound engineer, and composer, for inspiration Kojin draws on historical references, contemporary artists, and a variety of hand-crafted sounds to enrich the listening experience for shows that range in genre from expansive documentaries (Still Paying the Price, 70 Million) to interview shows (Latina to Latina, Trials to Triumphs) to investigative series (Left Over). Kojin has also produced music for Grammy-winning recording artists (Alessia Cara, Jack Harlow), created the original score for a Peabody-nominated podcasts (The Dig from Louisville Public Radio), and contributed to the score of an Ambie-winning documentary series (Driving the Green Book). A self-proclaimed foodie, with ever-expanding expertise in culinary history and cuisines from around the world, he is also currently producing an original series for LWC Studios that explores food trends around the globe.