YESEO is Ryan Restivo’s Reynolds Journalism Institute Fellowship project, a freeĀ app for Slack that helps users with SEO best practices. YESEO seeks to help newsrooms reduce the time to come up with that relevant headline, the right keywords to use and give you the right information at the right time to get your work seen and read. It supports up to eight different language models and is available in the Slack App Directory for any newsroom to install. Any Slack workspace can install it, it does not require an email, credit card or a login to sign up. For anyone who wants to get their story out there, YESEO will give them the power of seeing every important keyword in their story and getting insights they can act on using Natural Language Processing and Generative AI. Over 160 workspaces have installed it since March and counting and YESEO is working hard to tell the stories of its users.

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