From Clicks to Connections: Mastering Traffic for Publishers

Platforms’ relationships with publishers have been tense for years. More than ever, these platforms are proving to be unpredictable places to diffuse content, leaving publishers wondering what tomorrow may bring. This session will share trends and the evolution of referral traffic over the years and the manners in which publishers can reduce their dependence on “walled garden” platforms to build stronger direct and loyal relationships with audiences, with time for audience Q&A.

This session is part of ONA23's curated Midway Programming.

This session is designed for:


  • Executives & audience managers looking to understand how automation and AI can boost productivity and increase audience loyalty
  • Social media professionals looking to understand trends and evolutions of social media platforms
  • Newsletter editors looking to simplify their workflows and personalize their email campaigns


Simran Cashyap
VP, Product, Echobox