Jonathan Harley

  • Head of Global Strategic Partnerships
  • Canva

As Head of Global Strategic Partnerships at Canva, Jonathan works with businesses and organisations to achieve their strategic goals with world-leading visual communication. He founded Canva’s journalists and newsrooms initiative in 2020, focussed on powering visual journalism for everything from new media startups to the world’s most storied media companies. He also works with leading creative agencies and brands on digital transformation and content creation.

Jonathan has spent more than 20 years in broadcast journalism, leading digital transformation in news gathering and storytelling. As the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s South Asia correspondent, he was one of the earliest solo video journalists and one of the few forieign journalists covering Taliban-controlled Afghanistan in the years leading up to the Septembter 11, 2001 attacks and subsequent war. With 60 Minutes Australia, as Supervising Producer, Jonathan launched the program’s social channels and led the transformation of digital production workflows. In 2015, Jonathan joined Twitter to lead content partnerships in Australia and then news partnerships across Asia. Jonathan lives in Sydney with his wife, Sarah, who is a broadcaster, their two children and a slightly neurotic dog.