Zachary Carnell

  • Journalism Senior
  • University of Florida

Zachary Carnell is a senior student journalist at The University of Florida, specializing in enterprise news, full-stack web development, and data engineering. With only one class remaining before graduation, he's actively seeking a career in data reporting and working with student organizations like Fresh Take Florida and The Independent Florida Alligator to develop web applications, maintain databases, analyze trends, and experiment with interactive articles.

He's been teaching himself computer programming since middle school, but it was always more of a hobby than a career to him. He's now come full circle, learning how to take advantage of his coding skills as a journalist.

The UF Campus Crime Project ( is a culmination of these skills, enabling users to explore an interactive map and database of UF crimes, along with any available court records, going back to 2016. After a soft launch in April 2023, he's working to revamp the website with more filters, charts, and maps, in preparation for a full launch in the fall.

He's keen to work on similar projects, to make data more accessible and useful to journalists and the general public. Don't hesitate to reach out!