5 steps to convince your boss you can’t afford to miss ONA23

There’s no better place than the Online News Association’s annual conference (#ONA23) to learn about the latest digital trends and connect with other leaders and changemakers in journalism. We know that the 2023 conference comes during a tough economic time for many newsrooms and individuals. Conferences are expensive. Professional development budgets are tight. Yet, year […]

Video: All about ONA23 Early Bird registration

LaSharah S. Bunting, ONA’s new CEO and Executive Director, announces that Early Bird ONA23 registration is now open! Members, this is the best time to register. If you’re not already registered, the ONA23 discount for attendees is a great incentive to join. Learn more and register now.

6 food, hotel and transportation tips for ONA23: Philadelphia

ONA staff members have made a few visits to the 2023 Online News Association conference site in Philadelphia over the last few months. During our April trip, new CEO LaSharah S. Bunting got her first look at our host hotel, the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. Here are six things we learned that will be helpful as […]

10 factors that make for a great ONA23 session pitch

The 2023 Online News Association Conference (#ONA23) is Aug. 23–26 in Philadelphia and Sept. 28-29 online. With community input, we are designing two types of programming this year. In August, ONA23: Philadelphia will focus on in-person interactive sessions and conversational learning. In September, ONA23: Onward will be a virtual, lean-back experience focused on sharing the […]