Journalists often struggle to cover extremism. Learn how news coverage can disrupt hateful speech

Extremist ideology – centered on anti-semitism, white supremacy, anti-immigration and radical anti-democratic government beliefs – is increasingly becoming part of mainstream political speech. In the United States, white supremacist groups have sparked acts of domestic terrorism in Charlottesville, Virginia; Portland, Oregon; and the United States Capitol. Even in the face of these acts, extremist messaging […]

Let’s get real about the state of DEI in journalism

It’s been more than three years since the murder of George Floyd and subsequent racial justice protests shook the United States and the world — a prominent example of racism in action, and hardly the first, or last, of its kind. In response since, news organizations and journalism leaders made promises about prioritizing Diversity, Equity […]

Leadership lessons from outside journalism at ONA23

We’re pleased to announce the featured session From Streaming to Space to South Philly: What Can News Leaders Learn from Leaders in Other Fields? This intriguing conversation will take place at the 2023 Online News Association Conference (#ONA23) in Philadelphia on Thursday, Aug. 24, at 2:30 p.m. News leaders can gain valuable insights about the […]

Sign up for small-group career advice with ONA VIPs and explore other career opportunities at ONA23

Attendees at the 2023 Online News Association Conference in Philadelphia are invited to sign up now for small-group career discussions with members of ONA’s Board of Directors and other senior news leaders. These intimate conversations will take place throughout our career-focused day Wednesday, Aug. 23, at ONA23: Philadelphia. Up to three people at a time […]

Resolve to get to know Philly for ONA23

Aparna Mukherjee is Chief Programs Officer (CPO) of Resolve Philly. Aparna’s career has involved leadership in editorial, operations and product roles, spanning private, nonprofit, and public sectors. As Resolve Philly’s first CPO, she supports the professional development of the senior staff and works to identify areas for greater collaboration and growth among the programs. Aubrey […]

Surfacing bias in AI: Meredith Broussard to lead ONA23 featured session

In the swirl of conversations around AI, we are working to bring focused discussions of critical issues to the fore at ONA23. Recognizing Inequities in Artificial Intelligence with Meredith Broussard brings forward a conversation often swept to the side in the technology space: how inclusive is each tool, really? As these products become widely adopted, what […]

AI experts from Microsoft, Partnership on AI to kick off ONA23

Artificial intelligence – ChatGPT, the workflows it streamlines, the changes it brings to the workforce, the misinformation it can create and more – is the topic this year. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce the featured session The Promise and Peril of Artificial Intelligence will open the 2023 Online News Association Conference. Join […]

An event planner’s guide to conference fitness

Lauren Anderson is the Events and Membership Manager at the Online News Association. She’s responsible for all the logistics that shape ONA’s industry-leading events, from registration to vendor relationships to travel. Look for Lauren running around the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown— and trying to beat her step goals of 28,000 in a day — during ONA23: […]