Resolve to get to know Philly for ONA23

Aparna Mukherjee is Chief Programs Officer (CPO) of Resolve Philly. Aparna’s career has involved leadership in editorial, operations and product roles, spanning private, nonprofit, and public sectors. As Resolve Philly’s first CPO, she supports the professional development of the senior staff and works to identify areas for greater collaboration and growth among the programs.

Aubrey Nagle is obsessed with helping people understand the news and helping the news understand people. In that capacity, she leads Modifer, Resolve’s home for professional development, as Director of Practice Change, and builds on her experience as the Newsletter Editor at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

As someone who came of age in Philadelphia as a newcomer in the ‘80s, the kid of immigrants who moved around a lot, I found myself experiencing ONA23’s host city through its wealth of museums and bookstores, cafes, indie club nights, karaoke and yum cha in Chinatown, and yes, a cheesesteak or two…always, wit Whiz and ketchup.

Yet my adopted hometown has always been more than ordering cheesesteaks* or posing with the Rocky statue. At Resolve Philly, how we tell the story of our city’s communities and bridge information divides matters, as we build the local newsroom of the future and alongside 29 partners in our Philadelphia Journalism Collaborative (PJC).

That translates into the community-focused approach our Director of Practice Change Aubrey Nagle took to inspiring and leading our newsroom and collab partners to create the Resolve Guide to Philly: a user-centered, vetted map organized by neighborhood and proximity to the ONA conference hub to meet all of your restaurant, beer and cocktail/mocktail, landmark, and shopping needs.

The map, which takes you from Old City and the iconic Gayborhood to Fishtown, South Street, historic Germantown and beyond, is complemented by an Airtable base that features more than 100 recommendations that highlight locally-owned and BIPOC businesses.

Check out our picks and let us know with a tag or @ on social media what you’d add to our database guide as you get to know the City of Brotherly Love that we love!

*For the uninitiated to cheesesteaks, check out this Philadelphia Inquirer how-to order guide with links to lists of every type of cheesesteak jawn of note by Resolve friend Henry Savage, formerly of our collab partner Kensington Voice.

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